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2011 Lets your Singers Shine Sibel, tues, march 1, 2011, 8 evening(Et)Based on tonight's competing for the boys' spots(Finishing 10)Around"The american idol show, numerous surprising names in jeopardy.June virus, nike air nike test dorsey, ricky halperin I think the singers who are struggling are clint jun gamboa("June pester"), Michael the air nike jordans Dorsey, And ricky Halperin.Why do i believe that way? "June pest"Would not win any reputation contests after he was mean to poor jaycee badeaux of new orleans.He sang most certainly, confident.Will the voters at home forget his evil jordans for sale emperor id?I don't believe so. As for nike air nike test dorsey and tim halperin, nevertheless, they didn't showcase their considerable abilities with the songs they chose.Jordan dorsey's choice of an usher song did not win favor with the judges, who expressed,"I'm not sure that is who your are, jennifer lopez referred to she saw him as a nat king cole crooner.I see nike air nike test as a marvin gaye type.Even michael the air nike jordans said,"That's not me a Jumpy, jumpy musician, and still he sang a"Jumpy, jumpy"Song you select and, as randy explained,"It truly was kinda' pitchy.It simply wasn't good today, pitiful, but exactly so. The center of tim halperin, he sang a rob Air Jordan 12 jones song and nobody liked it.It is certainly too bad, as jennifer lopez called it when she said,"You have one of the most wonderful voices i've heard, Billy durbin Who did well today?Certainly, man or woman, in particular james durbin, the modification, vocal an up tempo song by judas priest(Jennifer lopez: "I love how you sing.It's actually Air Jordan Spizike organic.It comes from the inside.The best job.We're lucky to maybe you have on here, paul mcdonald of nashville prowled takes place singing rod stewart's"Maggie might probably"With the belief of a veteran and a big smile on his face.The judges said the quirky quality in his voice on.All thought of he did well, echoing randy's comment or short,"You are so unique and various, Casey abrams Casey abrams sang"I put a spell a person"And steven tyler announced him to be"Within your mind unreal.Pretty much it gets.Bizarre good, j lo stated casey to be"Arousing, and the girls in the viewers seemed to agree. (Casey jogs my memory of joe cocker, but randy referenced screamin' the author).The judges agreed with casey that he's"Gonna' redefine what this event is.Specific wants it bad,(Jennifer lopez).Randy thought,"So new.And thus unique.I like it.I applaud one.Whole lotGreat deal new.Great deal. AGreat deal way a whole lot significantly considerably a good deal added, The idol most all family court divorce judges liked Stefano Langone.Steven tyler noticed that he knows when stefano is giving his all because"A vein in your your forehead pops.A person so good, j lo congratulated on how consistent stefano always is, and randy celebrity fad,"Received good, wow.One could compete right now, Scotty mcreery, brett lowenstern and as well as great deals on shoes jovanny barreto Scotty mcreery did his reasonable cowboy thing(John mirielle montgomery song, performing, in their deep voice, on the subject off"A letter from the house, brett lowenstern padded the doors,"Llight weight my fire, he could be struggling, and.My personal favorite comment came from j lo who said,"Master more hair tossing than me and beyonce have, together, within the last few 10 years, jovanny barreto's success was"Just alright"During randy, and it only agreed to be okay for me. Developed by connie wilson 'American Idol' Group day:Tension and tears as 38 groups performa look at group night in artist, with 38 groups appearing for the judges and 67 performers being cut.

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